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Job Reference Code : OCC/18 / 99
Job Title : Manager – Costing, Budgeting, MIS (Management Accountant)
Job Location : Muscat
Job start date : 09/10/2018
Department: Finance
Preferred Qualification : - Bachelors’ degree in in Business, Finance, Accounting, or relevant field from reputed organization.
Preferred Years of Experience : - Minimum 10 years’ relevant work experience preferably in manufacturing sector, and worked at least 3 years in a senior position.
Job Title Manager – Costing, Budgeting, MIS
(Management Accountant)
Function / Department Finance Department
Brief Description of the Job
The Manager – Costing, Budgeting, MIS will have the overall responsibility for administration and implementation of the costing
system, preparing the Budget for the company, preparing periodic MIS reports and handling employee related matters.
Key Responsibilities
1. Assist the CFO in formulating the long-term and short-term objectives, activities, plans, policies and programmes for the
Finance Department
2. Assist the CFO in the preparation of the budget for the year by initiating the process, collating details from all departments,
analysing it and preparing a consolidated budget
3. Assist the CFO in presenting the budget and cash flow statements to the CEO, Executive Committee and any other officials as
may be required and once the budget and cash flow has been passed and finalised by the authorities, arrange for the
printing of the budget and cash flow statements and the distribution of the same.
4. Revise and prepare revised budgets as per company policy
5. Ensure compliance with the budgets laid down. Identify reasons for variances and inform the CFO
6. Suggest procedures, checks and internal controls for the effective management of the Budget & MIS Function.
7. Develop, maintain and continuously improve the Costing System of the company along with other departments
8. Compute the material cost, labour cost, overheads and tool cost for existing products, new products, new projects and
enquiries. Guide subordinates for the data collection and analysis for this purpose.
9. Analyse the cost structure of existing loss making products to evaluate possibilities of reducing costs to make the products
profitable. Co-ordinate with other departments for this purpose.
10. Carry out the stock valuation of raw materials, components, finished products, sub-assemblies, etc. on such frequency as
required as per the valuation method followed by the company.
11. Co-ordinate with the EDP Department for development and maintenance of software for his function.
12. Analyse variances – price and quantity – for each of the raw materials, components, finished products. Suggest methods to
tackle the variances and revise standards, if necessary.
13. Prepare and provide all costing related schedules for Annual Report.
14. Maintain costing records as required by law.
15. Maintain stock accounts of raw materials, work-in-progress
16. Collect and collate cost and statistical data from all sections of the Finance Department and other departments for preparing
Operational and MIS reports and Costing Reports
17. Review and analyse Production Reports
18. Prepare the reports on the required frequency and forward them to the CFO
19. Suggest pro-active measures based on the information contained in these reports.
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