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Job Reference Code : OCC/18 / 93
Job Title : IT Technician
Job Location : Muscat
Job start date : 04/01/2018
Department: IT
Preferred Qualification : diploma in information technology
Preferred Years of Experience : 3-5
Brief Description of the Job 
IT Technician is the level one (L1) support for all IT support activities and is the first point of interaction for all end users for troubleshooting and maintenance.
Key Responsibilities 
1. Help Desk support for both software and hardware (like servers, network and workstations) 
2. Initiates and monitors backup process 
3. Operates printers, storage units, consoles and other computer related equipment 
4. Monitoring the running of the jobs in servers 
5. Installation of legal software on desktops and laptops 
6. Monitor and maintain register of hardware equipments movements 
7. Maintain various registers, system logs, records and reports about computer operations 
8. Assist network officer in ensuring all network connections are in place and that the network and servers are running smoothly 
9. Perform routine maintenance on all computer related equipments 
10. Monitor machine room environmental conditions 
11. Maintaining and monitoring inventory of printer cartridges and computer stationery 
13. Sets authentication and authorization and restricts users from accessing important and vital information available 
14. Enforce logical and physical security measures over communication systems (e.g., leased lines, routers, modems, WAN, Internet, Intranet, E-Mail, etc.). 
15. Monitor Firewall and Router Security. 
16. Review network logs and WAN incidents. 
17. Ensure vendor coordination for minimum downtime of communication infrastructure. 
18. Review LAN security parameter settings & network logs. 
19. Monitor network security breaches, unusual login times, password change history, locked-out user-ids, etc. 
12. Carry out all other duties as assigned to him by his superiors from time to time. 
13. Keeping himself abreast of latest developments in the field of IT 

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