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Job Reference Code : OCC/17 / 90
Job Title : Shift Chemist
Job Location : Muscat
Job start date : 02/09/2018
Department: Quality Control Department
Preferred Qualification : Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering
Preferred Years of Experience : 5 years In the relevant work field in cement plant of similar size

1. Responsible for all working of Shift Lab and auto laboratory (X-ray lab).
2. Selection of the limestone and Qph faces in co-ordination with Quarry Planner according to the requirement and also maintain the mixbed for minimal usage of bauxite.
3. Maintain control on raw mills regulation as per requirement and production.
4. Monitor and control on Cement mills regulation as per requirement and production.
5. Monitor and control of back feeding of clinker as per PC instruction.
6. Analysis of all limestone, Qph, Iron and bauxite samples hourly basis of when required and act accordingly.
7. Analysis of all Raw mills samples hourly or half hourly basis and act accordingly.
8. Analysis of silo and kiln feed samples two hourly basis.
9. Analysis of Bypass, filter dust and Cyclon samples once in a shift.
10. Analysis of Clinker and Cement samples twice in a shift.
11. Analysis of drill hole, spot or exploration samples, if available.
12. Analysis of clinker samples by using XRD spectrometer twice or more in a shift.
13. Stacking of clinker as per analysis and instruction.
14. Responsible for sieve analysis of limestone and Qph as and when required.
15. Inspection and checking of despatches/ export / import of cement and clinker.
16. Smooth operation of all sampling station, Robo lab and X-Rays.
17. Checking and Re-Calibration as required.
18. Preparation of Daily Quality Report in 1st shift.
19. Follow the environment protection, quality and safety policies of the company
20. Ensure that the necessary training and development of staff under him takes place in all forms whether by way of sponsorships to programmes (internal and external); organising specific programmes, through on-the-job training, job rotation etc. 
21. Maintain a control on the budget and cash flow figures and ensure that the expenses are incurred within budgetary limits.
22. Set and approve targets for performance of his immediate subordinates and obtain the necessary approval of the targets by his superiors. 
23. Carry out annual performance appraisal of his subordinates and identify their potential and training and development needs. 
24. Ensure that the staff under his purview carry out the annual performance appraisal in respect of their subordinate staff. Review the performance appraisal thus carried out.
25. Give guidance, support and professional leadership to staff under him and motivate them.
26. Carry out all other duties as assigned to him by the superiors from time to time.
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