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Job Reference Code : OCC/17 / 87
Job Title : Officer -SAP Basis
Job Location :
Job start date : 05/10/2017
Department: IT
Preferred Qualification : Bachelor’s Degree in IT
Preferred Years of Experience : minimum of 4 years
Additional certificates Required : any relevant SAP certificate
Job Purpose:

The SAP Basis Administrator is responsible for the management of the SAP environment. The SAP Basis Administrator responsibilities include configuring, monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting the SAP technical environment on an ongoing basis as well as scheduling and executing the SAP transport system. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Core Area: 

- Recommend SAP Basis best practices and assess hardware sizing. 
- Adhere to technical standards on the use of SAP Solution Manager. 
- Handle SAP buffer management, system tuning and performance monitoring proficiently. 
- Execute client strategies as per established SAP Basis best practices. 
- Execute Transport and Correction procedural standards complying with Change Control requirements.
- Ensure availability of SAP software, hardware, operating system and databases and 24/7 troubleshooting needs. 
- Serve as the primary contact point for outsourced SAP support. 
- Coordinate with network and server teams to troubleshoot. 
- Update on forecasts and recent developments in SAP technology. 
- Maintain and support SAP landscapes by supporting diverse functional environments. 
- Maintain the multiple SAP instances that comprise the SAP environment (development, test, training and production).
- Carry out all other duties as assigned to him by the IT management from time to time.


- Maintenance of the tools and equipment’s of the concerned areas.

Safety and Cleanness

- Look after the safety regulation aspects of the office, 
- Follow and implement quality environment protection and safety policies of the company;

Job  Competencies

- Ensure availability of SAP software, hardware, operating system and database 24/7;
- Ability handling SAP system running and performance monitoring effectively;
- Ability maintain and support SAP landscape;
- Ability execute transport and access authorization;
- Ability to maintain SAP system backup & restore;

Minimum Qualifications and Experience 

- Bachelor’s Degree in IT;
- 4 to 6 years’ experience in SAP and IT required; 

Key Performance Indicators

- No. of SAP non availability exceeding RTO
- # of overdue SAP support tickets
- Maintain up to date SAP system
- Maintain  SAP backup regularly 

Awards and Certifications
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