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Job Reference Code : OCC/17 / 81
Job Title : Stores Assistant
Job Location :
Job start date : 28/05/2018
Department: Store
Preferred Qualification : Diploma in Engineering. or equivalent
Preferred Years of Experience : 5 years

Key Responsibilities


1.Creation and generation of GARs for allReceipts and process the same on computer system.

2.Identify correct locations for allitems received in the system as per GAR and passing on the GAR copy labels tothe Stores Handler for affixing to the items.

3.Arrange stock items with provision ofspace for receipt of such items in the future.Decides allocation of space for new items in consultation withsupervisor

4.Effect corrections / adjustment oferroneous data entry of quantity in the system through the “Modification Memo”with prior approval from Asst. Manager - Stores.

5.Effect corrections / adjustment interms of valuation with prior approval from Accounts Section.

6.Maintain item master for all items instores as per standard description and update for new items based on materialsreceived after acceptance by user

7.Assign article numbers (item code) fornewly received items.

8.Check periodically (once in 3 months)all items lying in all the yards outside of main Stores and mark articlenumbers with visible paint.

9.Ensure marking of items on batch basisto arrange issue on FIFO method

10.Ensure safe upkeep and up to datemaintenance of files for Withdrawal Slips, provision for GARs register andModification Slips

11.Prepare monthly Receipt and ConsumptionReport for Raw materials.

12.Make GAR modifications as required dueto any discrepancies.

13.Entry of all the items issued as perthe duty approved withdrawal slips.

14.Carry out self appraisal in time

15.Carry out all other duties as assignedto him by the superiors from time to time


Key Result Areas


Key Result Areas

Performance Measures

a. Preparation of GAR s

Timeliness (as per set standards), accuracy of data entry on the computer

b. Entry of items in computer as per withdrawal slips of user departments

Accuracy of data entry and timeliness

c. Stocking of items in warehouse

Accuracy of GAR labels affixation and binning in the right locations (feedback from the perpetual inventory analysis and random checks)

d. Maintenance of files and reports

Timeliness, accuracy and adherence to processes







Area/ Function

Diploma in Engineering. or equivalent

3 – 5 years

Experience in the Stores function preferably in Warehouse management in a large engg company. Should have worked in a computerized system.


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