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Job Reference Code : OCC/16 / 72
Job Title : Assistant Marketing Manager
Job Location : muscat
Job start date : 21/12/2017
Department: Marketing
Preferred Qualification : Bachelor Degree Marketing
Preferred Years of Experience : 7 – 10 years

1.Responsible for designing of marketinginitiatives in concurrence with Sr. Manager – Marketing and implementing thesame towards achieving departmental objectives. (includes aspects like promotion,advertising, media development, market research, brand management, customersatisfaction analysis, new product / market entry).

2.Implement processes, systems andprocedures pertaining to the relevant areas in the marketing department thatenhances efficiency of operations and contribute towards improvements in thesame.

3.Prepare annual budgets for variousresources including advertising / promotions, market research and monitor thesame periodically. Act on deviations from the budgets.

4.Design of advertising and promotionalprogrammes in various territories in consultation with the Asst. Managers’ forDomestic Sales and Exports

5.Explore new means for advertising /promotion / packaging / distribution that could enhance efficiency and reducecosts

6.Design and institute a system to trackmarket trends, competitor strategies and provide strategic marketing inputs toaddress them.

7.Develop study approaches and researchinstruments for tracking trends in products, brands, distribution, logistics,packaging

8.Identify changing consumer needs andrequirements in the market and provide inputs on new products and thefeasibility of the new projects for the organisation.

9.Review of dealer / distributorperformance with the Asst. Managers’ for Domestic Sales and Exports

10.Assist Sr. Manager – Marketing inevaluating customer complaints and ensuring timely redressal (dealers and endcustomers) via sales team (domestic / exports)

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