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Job Reference Code : OCC/15 / 50
Job Title : Project Manager
Job Location : muscat
Job start date : 12/11/2015
Department: Project
Preferred Qualification : Mechanical Engineering Graduate
Preferred Years of Experience : 15
Additional certificates Required : MBA with specialization in project management
The candidate will reports to CEO. He will be overall responsible for the implementation of projects. The following are some of his responsibilities:

Key Responsibilities

1. Plan, implement and monitor execution of projects and business improvement initiatives 
2. Manage all aspects and ensure that deadlines and targets  of project are successfully achieved
3. Manage project budget, resource, plan and schedule project timelines and track project deliverables using appropriate. Provide direction and support to project team
4. Align the team and channelize their efforts towards achievement of business objectives of the organisation
5. Develop, implement, monitor and modify processes/systems for various business activities
6. Explore means for continuous project implementation process improvement aimed at time and cost optimisation
7. Identify profitable projects for the organisation
8. Plan optimal design for new projects ensuring adoption of latest technology, compatibility with existing systems, standardization etc.
9. Track national / international technology trends in Projects and study the feasibility of implementation of the same

Education, skills & Experience:

- Mechanical Engineering Graduate, MBA with specialization in project management, with minimum 15 years relevant work experience in a similar industry preferably in cement plant of similar size.  
- Suitable experience includes working in positions or fields that require project management such as accounting, engineering, construction, management, or business
- Has been working in the leadership level for at least 5 years
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