What’s New-Xerox Managed Print Services (MPS)

Xerox and Bishara Est. have introduced the Innovative New Managed Print Services (MPS)to Oman.

Using Super Computers and Cloud Computing Xerox MPS Services, based in Rochester can monitor the health and status of every connected Printer or MFP and send instantaneous reports to the Bishara Est. Hotline Technical Support Team in Oman.

The Bishara Support team can react in real-time even without your being aware of the problem to resolve paper jam issues, toner and print cartridge replacements and even more serious Technical issues in the least possible time.

Our Guarantee is simple. We will drive down your printing costs by not less than 20 %. Typically with the Xerox-Bishara Managed Print Services Contract in place you can expect 99% uptime.

Call the following Managers immediately for a free assessment and demonstration:

Viju Philips 99414637, Email : viju.philips@bishara.com
Madhur Bhatnagar : 99347107, Email : madhur.bhatnagar@bishara.com

Saswat Satpathy : 99347123, Email : saswat.satpathy@bishara.com

Several large and medium sized organisations in Oman are already reaping huge savings and up-time benefits to the delight of the Users.

Our MPS Cotracts are available for All Brands of office equipment & Printers.